On the Tenth Day of Christmas, PetFlyTrap gave to me...

Nepenthes Sampler Set - THREE DIFFERENT VARIETIES - Regularly $26.99, NOW JUST $19.99! That's less than $7.00 each! Three Nepenthes species and/or hybrids, selected for their ease of growth.

And of course, our previous 12 Days Deals are still valid if we have stocks remaining:

DAY 9: Sarracenia Lover's Set, regularly $34.99, NOW JUST $29.99! Get five different North American Pitcher Plants...two species plants and three hybrids...all for one low price. An instant Sarracenia collection!

DAY 8: Nepenthes ventrata Extra-Large Hanging Basket - Regularly $29.99, NOW JUST $23.99! That's 20% OFF! These super-easy to grow hanging baskets usually have multiple growing points, and are LOADED with full sized pitchers right now! Get one while we even have them!

DAY 7: Sarracenia 'Dana's Delight' - Small Potted, Regularly $7.99, NOW JUST $5.99. That's 25% OFF!! When mature, these plants make pitchers up to 2.5 feet tall, with crimson pitcher tubes and hoods that are liberally specked with white spots. A wonderful plant to add a splash of color!

DAY 6: Nepenthes ventricosa - Medium Potted - Regularly $16.99, NOW JUST 12.99...a 25% SAVINGS!! Wonderful shapely pitchers with a scalloped peristome on these guys!

DAY 5: Venus Flytrap Combo Set - THREE DIFFERENT FLYTRAPS - UP TO A $35 VALUE, NOW JUST $19.99!! That's over 40% OFF! Get three different cultivars of Venus Flytraps, usually up to $15.99 each, for $19.99. WOW!! Selection is our choice, but we usually try to include some nice diversity of colors and forms. And of course, our previous 12 Days Deals are still valid if we have stocks remaining:

DAY 4: Drosera spathulata 'Typical form' - regularly $5.99, NOW JUST $3.99!! That's a 33% SAVINGS!! This is one easy-to-grow rosetted sundew, with green leaves and tentacles and pink flowers.

DAY 3: Nepenthes sanguinea - Medium Hanging Basket, regularly $23.99, NOW JUST 18.99!! a 20% SAVINGS!! A beautiful yet easy species plant (not a hybrid) that makes loads of green pitchers with a thick, orange-tinted fluid inside.

DAY 2: Carnivorous Plant Sampler Set - 5 different carnivorous plants in one set! - regularly $36.99, NOW JUST $29.99! That's over 20% OFF!

DAY 1: Nepenthes mindanaoensis - Medium Hanging Baskets - regularly $44.99 for JUST $29.99! That's almost 35% OFF the regular price!! This is a really neat, easy to grow and uncommonly available species native to the Mindanao region of the Philippines. Get one now, while they're still in stock!

Reminder about how the sale works...it's a little different than most sales! Each day for 12 days, we will feature a different item or group of items at a substantial discount. The item(s) will change every day, but the deals are cumulative!! This means that on Day 2 of the sale, the items from BOTH Day 1 AND Day 2 are available at the sales price, and so on. SO what's the catch, you say? Well, we only have a limited quantity of any one item in stock; so items may not be available any more if you wait too long. Get them while we have them! Also, because of the substantial discounts on these items, and especially the sheer quantity of orders we expect to receive during the 12 Days sale, we will not be able to combine shipping on separate orders. Order as often as you like, but please understand that each order will be shipped individually, so that we don't get things confused and send you the wrong items! The person who gets the $50 Nepenthes Hanging Basket in error is usually pretty happy; but the person who was expecting to receive that plant and received a $6 flytrap instead usually isn't as understanding!

So! Ready, Set, GO!

Thanks from Mike, Stephanie and the whole team at PetFlyTrap.com!

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