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6.75-inch white PRINTABLE plant labels - sheet of 10

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From: $1.20
10 per sheet...the same ones we use!
Part Number: POTTAG675
Availability: In Stock
Labeling your plants is a must for good recordkeeping, and so that you know what you have in the future! These are the exact same labels we use through our operation. Labels are 6.75 inches long and 1 inch wide, and come 10 to a sheet. Sheets can be written on with a pencil, marker, or grease pencil, or they can be fed through a LaserJet printer to create professional-looking labels. Pricing is per sheet of 10 tags. PLEASE NOTE: these tags are not compatible with inkjet printers, and may not be compatible with your specific model of LaserJet printer. If you are wanting to print on them, we suggest ordering a sheet to be included in your plant order to give them a try before ordering a bunch of them.

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