It's that time of year again...the weather is getting cooler, the Nepenthes are blooming in the greenhouse, and our latest shipment of plants from Borneo Exotics is settling in nicely. Time for a SALE!! Dozens of new and returning Nepenthes varieties and hundreds of plants will be available at substantially discounted prices, and some are in very limited supply. So make plans to shop early to take advantage of the best sale of the season!

PLEASE NOTE that our shipping department will be closed through October 2, and all orders placed during the sale will not be processed until after this date.

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We want to give everyone a chance to see what's going to be available starting at 5 p.m. 09/18, so here's a list to make you drool:

Nepenthes species:

  • albomarginata 'Green' - BE 3004
  • burbidgeae 'Pig Hill - BE-3848
  • burkei 'Halcon' - BE-3254
  • flava - BE-3652
  • fusca 'Flared Peristome' - BE 3068
  • gymnamphora - Medium Potted - BE-3078
  • maxima 'Best Clone' - BE-3067
  • maxima 'Wavy Leaf - Best Clone' - BE-3786
  • northiana - BE-3357
  • singalana - BE-3170
  • spathulata 'Best Clone' - BE-3175
  • veitchii 'Bareo Striped' - BE-3734

Nepenthes hybrids:

  • ampullaria 'Brunei Red' x aristolochioides - BE-3658
  • ampullaria 'Brunei Red' x maxima - Large Potted - BE-3779
  • ampullaria 'Harlequin' x veitchii 'Sungai Samba' - BE-3720
  • burbidgeae x campanulata - BE-3564
  • burbidgeae x veitchii 'Bareo' - BE-3723
  • burkei x aristolochioides - BE-3846
  • chaniana x veitchii - BE-3137
  • eustachya x tenuis - BE-3971
  • merrilliana x aristolochioides - BE-3877 - Small and Medium sizes!
  • merrilliana x campanulata - BE-3473
  • petiolata x vogelii - BE-3962
  • rafflesiana 'Dark' x spectabilis 'Giant' - BE-3951
  • ramispina 'Dark' x reinwardtiana 'Tambunan' - BE-3711
  • robcantleyi 'Queen of Hearts' x veitchii 'Bareo Striped' - BE-3933
  • sibuyanensis x hamata - BE-3562
  • sibuyanensis x mirabilis var. globosa - BE-3940
  • singalana x burkei - BE-3878
  • (singalana x ventricosa) x robcantleyi - BE-3965
  • spathulata x campanulata - BE-3796
  • spathulata x jacquelineae - BE-3883
  • spathulata x merrilliana - 3949
  • spectabilis 'Giant' x aristolochioides 'Single Best Clone' - BE-3663
  • spectabilis 'Giant' x platychila - BE-3760
  • spectabilis 'Giant' x ventricosa 'Best Clone' - BE-3745
  • (veitchii x lowii) x platychila - BE-3920

Be ready...some of these are in VERY short one or two!

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