We know everyone is excited about this next batch of Nepenthes species and hybrids coming in from Borneo Exotics; and we also have some tissue cultured plants from BE that have settled in nicely for us. Make sure you are following us on Facebook and sign up for our e-mails (link on the bottom of our web page) to get the latest information!

We want to give everyone a chance to see what's going to be available...hopefully starting Monday morning...so here's a list to make you drool:


  • heterodoxa
  • heterodoxa x minor
  • sp. Yuruani B

Nepenthes species:

  • ampullaria 'Red' (BE-3681)
  • ampullaria 'Brunei Speckled' (BE-3007)
  • ampullaria 'Lime Twist' (BE-3390) - Medium
  • ampullaria 'Bronze Nabire' (BE-3304)
  • ampullaria 'Papua, Intermediate' (BE-3450) - Medium
  • bicalcarata 'Brunei, Orange' (BE-3029) - Medium
  • bicalcarata 'Brunei, Orange' (BE-3029) - LARGE
  • burbidgeae 'Pig Hill, Assorted Clones' (BE-3873)
  • diatas 'Gunung Masurai' (BE-3861)
  • hirsuta 'Assorted Clones' (BE-3083)
  • merrilliana 'Assorted Clones' (BE-3727)
  • mira 'single BEST Clone' (BE-3868)
  • peltata 'Single BEST Clone' (BE-3464)
  • sibuyanensis 'Assorted Clones' (BE-3164)
  • singalana 'Masurai' (BE-3170)
  • tentaculata (BE-3870)
  • treubiana 'Andamata' (BE-3340)
  • vogelii 'Single BEST Clone' (BE-3256)

Nepenthes Hybrids:

  • ampullaria x campanulata (BE-3840) - NEW HYBRID!!
  • ampullaria x HAMATA 'Assorted Clones' (BE-3726)
  • densiflora x robcantleyi 'Assorted Clones' (BE-3573)
  • maxima x mira (BE-3753) - NEW HYBRID!!
  • petiolate x talangensis 'Single BEST Clone' (BE-3762)
  • rajah x burbidgeae (aka ALISAPUTRANA!!) (BE-3865)
  • rajah x veitchii 'Assorted Clones' (BE-3730)
  • sibuyanensis x HAMATA 'Assorted Clones' (BE-3562)
  • sibuyanensis x merrilliana 'Assorted Clones' (BE-3542)
  • singalana x mirabilis var. globosa 'Assorted Clones' (BE-3867) - Medium
  • spathulata x HAMATA 'Assorted Clones' (BE-3712)
  • spectabilis x HAMATA 'Assorted Clones' (BE-3871) - NEW HYBRID!!
  • spectabilis x platychila 'Single BEST Clone' (BE-3760)
  • talangensis x robcantleyi 'Assorted Clones' (BE-3497) - Medium

Be ready...some of these are in VERY short supply...like one or two!!



Date 2/10/2020


Date 3/12/2020


Date 3/12/2020

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