Borneo Exotics Spring 2021 PRE-SALE begins soon at!
It's that time of year again...the weather is getting warmer, the Nepenthes are pitchering like crazy in the greenhouse, and our latest shipment of plants from Borneo Exotics is about to ship. Time for a PRE-SALE!! MANY dozens of new and returning Nepenthes varieties and hundreds of plants will be available at substantially discounted prices. Also, a great many of these are MEDIUM and LARGE sized plants...which is unusual for us to get in our orders. Some are in very limited supply, so make plans to shop early to take advantage of the best sale of the season! 

PLEASE NOTE that this is a PRE-SALE of newly-imported plants, and orders that include items from the Borneo Exotics Pre-Sale category will not be shipped until March 15 at the earliest. This is to give us time to let the plants start settling in, and ensure we send our customers the best possible POTTED (not bareroot) you have come to expect from!

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We want to give everyone a chance to see what's going to be available in advance, so here's a list to make you drool:

Nepenthes species:
  • attenboroughii - BE-3693
  • ceciliae - BE-3956 - LARGE
  • eymae - BE-3736 - LARGE
  • flava - BE-3652
  • fusca - BE-3068 - LARGE
  • hamata 'Gunung Lumut' - BE-3380
  • jamban 'assorted clones' - BE-3875
  • lingulata - BE-3463
  • lowii - BE-3100
  • peltata - BE-4025 - MEDIUM
  • robcantleyi - BE-3517
Nepenthes hybrids:
  • aristolochioides x hamata - BE-3898 - MEDIUM
  • burbidgeae x (maxima x talangensis) - BE-3764 - MEDIUM and LARGE
  • densiflora x rafflesiana - BE-3719 - LARGE
  • hamata x (glabrata x tenuis) - BE-3985 - small, MEDIUM and LARGE
  • hamata x veitchii - BE-3943
  • maxima x aristolochioides - BE-3578 - MEDIUM
  • maxima x (lowii x macrophylla) - BE-3709
  • (maxima x talangensis) x hamata - BE-3777
  • muluensis x lowii - BE-3128
  • rajah x veitchii - BE-3730 - small and MEDIUM
  • ramispina x reinwardtiana - BE-3711 - MEDIUM and LARGE
  • ramispina x robcantleyi - BE-3939 - LARGE
  • ramispina x spectabilis - BE-3789 - MEDIUM and LARGE
  • robcantleyi x spectabilis - BE-3754 - small, MEDIUM and LARGE
  • sibuyanensis x merrilliana - BE-4026 - MEDIUM
  • sibuyanensis x (veitchii x lowii) - BE-3986
  • singalana x (burbidgeae x edwardsiana) - BE-3984 - small and MEDIUM
  • singalana x hamata - BE-3955
  • (singalana x ventricosa) x robcantleyi - BE-3965 - LARGE
  • spathulata x (burbidgeae x edwardsiana) - BE-3978 - MEDIUM and LARGE
  • spathulata x jacquelineae - BE-3883
  • spathulata x singalana - BE-4004
  • spathulata x tobaica - BE-3794 - MEDIUM and LARGE
  • spectabilis x platychila - BE-3760 - MEDIUM and LARGE
  • talangensis x robcantleyi - BE-3497 - MEDIUM and LARGE
  • (veitchii x lowii) x (burbidgeae x edwardsiana) - BE-3980 - small and MEDIUM
  • (veitchii x lowii) x spectabilis - BE-3400 - MEDIUM
  • (veitchii x mira) x (burbidgeae x edwardsiana) - BE-3992
  • ventricosa x hamata - BE-3672
  • ventricosa x hamata - BE-3899 - LARGE
  • 'Queen Malani'
Be ready...some of these are in VERY short one or two!

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