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Coarse-Grade Sand - Quart Bag

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Standard CP Soil Mix
Part Number: SANDQT
Availability: In Stock
This is the same coarse-grade sand that we use in the soil mix for potting all of our Sarracenia, Dionaea, Drosera, and Pinguicula. We spent a very long time trying to find a supplier for this exact product, and it finally paid off! This is NOT pool sand, but a much coarser product that works very well to make peat soil mixes more airy. It works wonderfully topping the soil on outdoor bogs too, keeping the soil from splashing up onto the tender growing points of your prized plants, and giving you a nice finished appearance too! Available in quart bags only. The quart bag typically contains a little over four pounds of sand. Please keep in mind that due to the sheer weight of the bags, this may substantially increase the shipping charges for your order. This is beyond our control...as always, we only charge the same shipping charges that you would get for shipping the same package(s).

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