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Coarse-grade Sand - 4 lbs INCLUDES SHIPPING

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From: $10.49
The SAME sand we use on our own plants! 4 pounds, and the price includes shipping!
Part Number: SANDSMFR
Availability: In Stock Free Shipping
This is the same sand that we use in the soil mix for potting all of our plants that are kept outside. We also like to use this as a top dressing on our pots to prevent soil getting splashed around, to cut down on the amount of weedy algae and other 'greenies' that invade our pots, and to decrease the heat that dark soils absorb. And the fact that we stock it in three convenient sizes keeps you from having to buy more than you need! SHIPPING IS INCLUDED on these items because we are completely filling a USPS Priority Mail Small Flat Rate box, which holds 75 cubic inches, or about 4 pounds of sand.

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