We get plenty of very complimentary e-mails from our customers all the time, so I thought I might share one we just received yesterday:

"I just received my 4 nepenthes and had to write to say they are PERFECTION!  From the careful packaging to the beautiful, healthy plants themselves, I cannot be any more happier or excited. I just started learning of carnivorous plants over the last couple of months and find my first love is Cephalotus followed by Nepenthes.  When I saw your presale, it was a great way to be introduced to various types and at great prices.


I am so glad I found you guys!  Looking forward to finding many new treasures on your website in the future.


Thank you!!!!!


Alice B. (in NJ)"

It's always nice to know our customers appreciate the time and effort we put into our plants, and the way that we package our plants for shipment. Thanks for your continued patronage of PetFlytrap.com, and let us know how we can help you!!

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