We know everyone loves when we get a new batch of carnivorous plants; and this order has more plants that are new to our inventory than ever before!! This order includes dozens of species, hybrids and clones, and literally hundreds of plants! 7 new clones of Venus Flytraps; 22 new Drosera items (including many location-specific wooley sundew species!); 2 Heliamphora species; 5 new Nepenthes species; 18 new Pinguicula species and hybrids; 6 new Utricularia species; 2 new Brocchinia species. WOW!!

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We want to give everyone a chance to see a list of what's going to be available, so here's a list to make you drool:

Dionaea cultivars:

  • 'Cudo'
  • 'Galaxy'
  • 'Kim Jong-un'
  • 'Phoenix'
  • 'Red Bull'
  • 'SD Kronos'
  • 'Wacky Traps'


  • admirabilis
  • aff. dilatato-petiolaris 'Pearson River crossing, Kimberley, Western Australia
  • aff. lanata - grey hairy petioles and dark maroon red traps 'Flying Fox Creek, NT'
  • 'Andromeda' (=schizandra x prolifera)
  • anglica 'Alaka'i Swamp, Kaua'i, Hawaii'
  • broomensis '19 km south of Derby, Kimberley, AU'
  • broomensis 'Coulomb Point, 60 km north of Broome, Kimberley, AU'
  • caduca 'narrow leaf, pink flower; Bachsten Creek, Kimberley, AU
  • caduca 'wide leaf, white flower; Bachsten Creek, Kimberley, AU
  • caledonica 'mixed clones' 
  • darwinensis 'Northern Territory, AU'
  • derbyensis
  • falconeri 'white flower; Palmerston, NT, AU'
  • fulva 'East of Girraween Lagoon, NT'
  • lanata 'BCP ID# D1255'
  • murfettii 'Giant form, the Druids, Tasmania'
  • occidentalis ssp. occidentalis
  • paradoxa 'Mixed clones, 100 km north of Drysdale River Station, Kimberley, Western Australia'
  • paradoxa 'white, 'Type form'; Lady Dreaming, Arnhemland, NT
  • prolifera
  • roraimae 'Gran Sabana'
  • tomentosa 'Morro do Jambeiro, Grao Mogol, MG Brazil'


  • ciliata 'Gran Sabana'
  • pulchella 'mixed clones, Churi Tepui, Venezuela'


  • adnata x campanulata
  • argentii x armin
  • benstonei
  • gantungensis
  • philippinensis
  • agnata x gypsicola
  • elongata 'East of Bogata, Columbia'
  • emarginata 'Red-colored, big rosette'
  • grandiflora ssp. rosea
  • grandiflora 'Circo de Goriz, NP Ordesa, Spain'
  • gypsicola 'Buena Vista, San Luis Potosi, MX'
  • jaumavensis
  • macroceras 'Mount Eboshi/Nyuto, Akita, Japan'
  • moranensis 'near Huajuapan, Oaxaca, MX'
  • moranensis 'near San Pablo, Villa de Mitla, Oaxaca, MX'
  • moranensis 'near Santa Catarina Juquila, Oaxaca, MX'
  • orchidioides
  • potosiensis 'BCP ID# P463'
  • potosiensis 'Clone 34L, red leaves'
  • rotundiflora
  • spec. Sumidero
  • vallisnerifolia 'Sierras de Cazorla-Segura, Prov. de Jaen, Spain'
  • zecheri


  • calycifida 'Giant, Gran Sabana'
  • campbelliana 'Wei Tepui'
  • fulva
  • pubescens
  • quelchii
  • welwitschii 'Loc. 4, Zambia'


  • acuminata 'Akopan Tepui plateau'
  • reducta 'Akopan Tepui plateau'

Be ready for the sale in a few weeks...some of these are VERY RARE, and will go quick!!


              Jonathan Hill

              Date 8/22/2020

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