There's no doubt that August is the hottest month of the year down here in Texas. All of our temperate plants (Sarracenia, sundews, butterworts, and especially our flytraps) slow down on their growth tremendously when August rolls around! However, that's no reason not to have a sale! Right now, while our Venus Flytrap 'Vigorous' are in a slow-growth state, we are blowing them out at just $3.99 each...over 55% OFF the regular price!! This is a wonderful flytrap, and definitely lives up to its name...sending out loads of new leaves and traps every spring and fall. Get one now while they're so cheap...we only have a limited stock available, and once they're gone, the price will go back up!

We also wanted to announce that due to numerous factors, including our recent attendance at the International Carnivorous Plant Society bi-annual conference in London and a family illness, we are a bit behind in posting our latest Borneo Exotics Pre-Sale. In fact, the plants are already here and settling in nicely! We are still planning to post a Pre-Sale in the next day or two, but unlike our usual way of doing things, where you pre-order the plants and we ship them about a month later, we will be able to send these plants out much sooner after you order them! The Pre-Sale will still offer the plants at a substantial discount over our regular prices, and some of the more sought-after plants will likely be bought up within the first day; so make sure you've liked our Facebook page ( or signed up for our e-mail announcements (link at the bottom of the page at so you don't miss out!

Here's a list of the Nepenthes species and hybrids that just came in on this order, so you know what to expect later this week...assorted clones unless otherwise specified:

ampullaria 'Bronze Nabire' - single clone

ampullaria 'Brunei, Red Speckled'

bellii - single clone

bicalcarata 'Brunei, Orange'

bicalcarata 'Brunei, Red Flush'

fusca 'Flared Peristome' - single clone


mirabilis var. globosa (aka Viking)

spectabilis 'Sibuatan'

treubiana 'Andamata'

veitchii 'Bareo' - SEED GROWN

(ampullaria 'Brunei Red' x mirabilis var. globosa) x dubia

ampullaria 'Brunei Red' x aristolochioides

ampullaria 'Harlequin' x spectabilis - single clone

aristolochioides x burkei

aristolochioides x robcantleyi 'King of Spades'

burbidgeae x campanulata

burkei 'Halcon' x ampullaria

densiflora x mirabilis var. globosa

'Lady Luck' (ampullaria x ventricosa)

maxima x talangensis

rafflesiana x mira

rajah x mira - SEED GROWN

rajah x veitchii

robcantleyi 'Queen of Hearts' x (aristolochioides x spectabilis 'Giant')

robcantleyi 'Queen of Hearts' x veitchii - SEED GROWN

'Suki' (rafflesiana x sibuyanensis)

veitchii 'Bareo' x mira

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