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  4. Drosera 'Andromeda' - HUGE easy-to-grow hybrid!!

Drosera 'Andromeda' - HUGE easy-to-grow hybrid!!

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Hybrid sundew that gets VERY large. ONLY A FEW AVAILABLE; GET ONE WHILE WE HAVE THEM!!
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Drosera 'Andromeda' is a relatively new hybrid between two wonderful species from Australia (Drosera schizandra, and Drosera prolifera), and can get HUGE, round, paddle-shaped leaves. In fact, these 'paddles' can be up to several inches long on full-sized plants. Plus it definitely exhibits hybrid vigor, and is such an easy plant to grow! PetFlytrap is proud to be able to offer a limited number of these beautiful plants. Order while supplies last! Please note that this photo is of a large potted specimen to demonstrate the size of mature plants. All our plants are shipped potted to reduce stress.

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