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Drosera burmannii - NEW LOWER PRICE!

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Wonderful rosetted sundew, very easy beginner's plant!
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Drosera burmannii creates lovely rosettes that are up to an inch in diameter. Each leaf is covered with scores of hairlike tentacles which have a drop of glistening, sticky 'dew' on their tips. What's REALLY cool about this sundew is that it is one of only a few species that have 'snap-tentacles'. These are longer tentacles on the outer edge of the leaves. When small insects (fruit flies, gnats, and other small flying insects especially) come into contact with the dew on the leaf, the snap-tentacles will 'snap' over very quickly and help to secure the prey item to the leaf while the dew does its work. Eventually they become mired and are digested by the plant. What a unique way to reduce these pesky little insects in your home, yard or greenhouse! All our plants are shipped potted to reduce stress, and are ready to grow. Just water and enjoy!

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