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Drosera schizandra - HUGE sundew!

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Warm-growing sundew that gets VERY large. ONLY A FEW AVAILABLE; GET ONE WHILE WE HAVE THEM!!
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Drosera schizandra is a wonderful and HUGE species from Queensland, Australia, and relatively uncommon in cultivation. Commonly called the Notched Sundew or Heart-leaf Sundew due to the fact that the leaves sometimes develop notched tips as they grow, giving them a heartlike shape. It is one of the parent plants to the hybrid called Drosera 'Andromeda', and is responsible for the HUGE, round leaves of this hybrid. The leaves on this species can over 4 inches long on full-sized plants, and we have specimens in our greenhouse that are almost 8 inches across! PetFlyTrap is proud to be able to offer a limited number of these beautiful plants. Order while supplies last! We recommend this species for more experienced growers, as it definitely likes higher humidity and temperatures, and lower light. Please note that this photo is of large specimens to demonstrate the size of mature plants. All our plants are shipped potted to reduce stress.

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