"Hi, Let me just say how satisfied I am with the plants I received. At first I ordered one. I was curious and I even called you guys just to get an idea of what I was getting. Was it a seedling? a clone…whatever. Whomever I spoke to on the phone was knowledgeable and answered all the questions I had. When I received my plant I was so pleasantly surprised. One was showing such striking coloration and there were a couple more decent looking pitchers on the horizon. Knowing how scarce this cross is and loving my plant so much I ordered a second one (fearing that the supply would dry up)….Once again I received an amazing plant with pitchers already showing deep coloration. I just wanted to say Thank You for offering such great specimens. I’m still unsure how I will grow these guys. I live in south Florida where the summers are hot, but we are beginning to enter our best time of year Fall/winter which offer temps that I think will suit these guys well (but I will keep an eye on how they progress). They are growing alongside a N. truncata which seems to love the way I am growing most of my lowland cultivars.

Thank You again,

Plants sent are A+++


P.S. One of the younger pitchers on my first plant is growing in size so quickly it’s amazing. It doesn’t have the purple coloration of the smaller dark pitcher but it is still in the development phase. I really look forward to great things in the future!"

A NOTE FROM PETFLYTRAP: Just one more example of the quality of plants and customer service that we offer here. Also, we have found these colorful and huge-pitchered plants do very well in our intermediate conditions, and we have found that this is true for almost ALL of the hybrids we stock.


Devin Dignam

Date 7/4/2023

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