September order shipping break at -

We typically take a short break from our usual shipping schedule in late September every year; so for those of you who have been customers for a while, you are already aware of this. This year, however, will be a bit different.

As many of you know, I (Mike) was in the running earlier this year for a seat on SpaceX's 3-day Inspiration4 all-civilian mission to space. While I was not selected, it put in a unique position to work with Inspiration4 astronaut Chris Sembroski and the folks at SpaceX to have a small container of carnivorous plant seeds and plantlets included as cargo on the mission! Mike will be attending the launch next week (tentatively scheduled for September 15); and as a result (and our usual shipping break), Monday, September 13 will be our last shipping day for the month. Orders received by 5 p.m. Central Time on Sunday, September 12 will be shipped on the 13th; all orders placed after this time will be shipped after our shipping break, BEGINNING Wednesday, September 29. Please understand that it will likely take us a week to work through and ship the backlog of orders; as always, you will be notified by e-mail once your order is shipped.

Of course, we will have some exciting announcements regarding import orders from a variety of sources in October!

Godspeed to Chris 'Hanks' Sembroski, Jared 'Rook' Isaacman, Hayley 'Hope' Arceneaux, and Dr. Sian 'Leo' Proctor on your adventure of a lifetime!


Hal Miller

Date 10/5/2021

I was going to order some fly traps but I only use PayPal for online ordering. When you start using PayPal I will place my order.

Mike Atkinson

Date 10/28/2021

On your website it show you take Paypal, but whe you go to checkout for the item, you Don't....whats the deal there. Thanks

Justin Cotton

Date 7/6/2022

I ordered a Cape sundew from these people at first everything was fine, they claim they want you to reach out to them and ask questions if you have a problem I did so but when I called a few times Mike actually said oh you again?? If I'm spending money with someone I would expect for them to be there for me no questions asked! My plant began to die so I sent an email to his wife letting her know of the problem when I mentioned it was in such bad shape I had to throw it away even though I had done everything I could to keep it alive I received no response at all this is bad business I didn't deserve that treatment and certainly didn't appreciate it and will continue to express my feelings and had people that were going to order from them but not anymore save your money and don't waste your time! Good morning Justin, We were quite shocked to receive this comment from you. I’ve spoken with Mike about all this, and our experience with you was quite different. I hope you’ll read through and understand why I say this. You called me early on, saying how thrilled you were with your new sundew and how great it looked. We talked quite a while and had a nice conversation. During the conversation you told me about what you knew of the care, and we discussed some urgent corrections. I believe you called again fairly soon after, and we talked some more about care tweaks. After that you emailed, probably because I can’t address health issues with a verbal description. I have to see the plant, and photos really help with that. We went over several more care questions in a few emails. In the last one, I suggested that perhaps the light was putting out too much heat and that was building up in the dome. Then you emailed to say it had died. I did get the email, but what could I say? “Sorry your plant died” ? I had talked to you about everything I could. There was nothing left. It is my procedure to let a difficult message mull around in my head for a while, so I can work out my words. Unfortunately, I must have forgotten to flag your email. In the midst of all the communications that we get, this one slipped my mind. I do apologize for not saying anything. I don’t know when you talked to Mike, but he remembers getting several calls in one day from (probably) you. He remembers jokingly saying something like, oh you again. He’s like that. He jokes around and considers everyone a friend. I’m sure you’ll remember that he only spoke kindly to you and probably talked you ear off. So in sum, we spent a lot of time with you. You received a nice looking healthy plant, and we did all we could to advise you on care. What else did you want us to do? I think that our experience with you shows exactly how hard we try with each person, and I know you would not get that much attention from 99% of businesses. We are very sorry that the plant died, but you verified that we did send you a great-looking plant, and we tried to coach and counsel you the best we could. I’m sorry that this didn’t work out… With regrets, Stephanie

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