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Groot Planter Pot

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From: $11.99
Perfect for a smaller carnivorous plant!
Part Number: GROOTPOT
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These are Marvel-ous! Whether you're a fan of the Marvel movies, Guardians of the Galaxy, or just looking for a unique planter for a small plant (carnivorous or otherwise!) these planters are perfect! These small planters are large enough for one of our 3-inch pots to fit inside of, and make a nice decorative addition. Unlike terracotta or clay pots, since they are molded plastic, there is no need to worry about dissolved solids leaching out of the pot and into your soil; so they are safe to use as a water 'reservoir' for your potted plant. Or you can plant a small carnivorous plant directly into it. Either way, the effect is the same...n easy and decorative way to keep your plant well hydrated. Please note the plant in the photograph is for demonstration and informative purposes...item you are purchasing is an empty planter.

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