So here is the first of many (hopefully) short articles on various tips that can help you have a wonderful experience growing these fantastic plants! This particular topic seems to be one that is not really discussed, and it goes without saying that it's a very important aspect of growing these plants! But there is a huge difference in the growing conditions for someone who is trying to grow, say, a Venus Flytrap outdoors in the Pacific Northwest, versus someone with the same plant in southern Florida...or Minnesota... or here at in Texas (we are a USDA zone 9a here!). And what works well in one of these locations could mean a slow lingering decline for the same plant in a different place. We cringe when we see the generic 'info tags' that usually come with the plants you buy at most mainstream nurseries, as they usually state that carnivorous plants, no matter what type, need full sun. Well, if you were to put a Tropical Pitcher Plant (genus Nepenthes) out in full sun here in Houston, it would die in a matter of days! Our sun is just too blasted bright and hot for Nepenthes to handle. They are wonderful as shaded porch plants, hanging under a tree, or anywhere they get dappled shade. But not in full sun. By contrast, with the Mediterranean climate there, someone who lives in the Bay Area in California would have excellent growing conditions for Nepenthes to grow outdoors in more direct sunlight. And the same is true for ALL types of carnivorous have to consider WHERE you live, as well as what the 'typical' growing conditions may be. If in doubt, give us a shout...e-mail or call us at any time. We are happy to help you select the plant that's right for you!

One other thing to mention here...keep this same thing in mind when you get your new plant(s) in the mail. They have just spend several days in a dark box, and will appreciate being slowly introduced to their new environment. As a first step when they arrive, we suggest carefully removing all of the tape and packing material from the individual plants/pots. Then place the clear plastic cup loosely back over the plant to increase the humidity around the plant, and place in a sunny windowsill for a few days or more. After that, you can start moving them bit by bit to the location where you want them to be permanently. Voila! 


Vaughn Jorgensen

Date 7/5/2020

William Beatty

Date 5/2/2021

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