Hurricane Harvey Shipping Update - 09/06/2017

Posted by Mike at PetFlyTrap on 9/6/2017

As virtually everyone is aware, Hurricane Harvey was devastating to the Texas Gulf Coast, including the Houston area (where we are located). Here at, we were very fortunate, and only had water reach the lowest level of our greenhouse. We had already moved everything including the plants out of harm's way, so we fared much better than even our neighbors right down the street. However, we have been without Internet service since the storm; and without connectivity, we have not been able to process any orders! That is, until about 15 minutes ago!

Couple our lack of Internet service with the seemingly insurmountable issues that the USPS has been contending with, and it's understandable why we have not been able to ship any orders for the past two weeks. But since we have managed to verify that our local Priority Mail sorting facility is back up and running as of today, we are planning to ship out all current orders on Monday, September 11.

We thank all of our customers for their patience and understanding while we have been unable to ship orders, and are looking forward to getting the backlog to you as quickly as possible. Good Growing!

Mike, Stephanie and the team

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