NEW PLANTS in from Wistuba - GET READY!!

Posted by Mike at on 4/2/2018

We have recently received a big shipment of Heliamphora and Nepenthes species and hybrids from Wistuba Exotic Plants, and all are looking fantastic! Make sure you are following us on Facebook and sign up for our e-mails (link on the bottom of our web page) to get the latest information, as some of these plants are rarely if ever available!

We want to give everyone a chance to see what's going to be available in advance of the start of the sale. All plants are small potted unless otherwise designated. We plan to start it next Wednesday morning (April 11) at 7 a.m. Central Time, and will place the items in a New Arrivals category, which will be posted at that time. Here's a list to make you drool:


  • arenicola 'Tramen Tepui'
  • ceracea 'Cerro Neblina, Braz. Ven.'
  • chimantensis 'Chimanta, Venezuela' - small and medium
  • collina 'Foothills Testigos' - small and medium
  • elongata 'Ilu Tepui'
  • heterodoxa 'Gran Sabana'
  • heterodoxa x nutans - medium
  • nutans 'Giant Form'
  • pulchella 'Akopan Tepui, Venezuela' - medium
  • purpurascens 'Ptari Tepui' - medium
  • tatei 'Cerro Marahuaka' - Large
  • uncinata 'Amuri Tepui' - medium

Nepenthes species:

  • adnata 'Kelog Sembilan, Sumatra'
  • albomarginata 'RED' (SOLID red plants!)
  • chaniana 'Gunung Batu Lawi, Borneo'
  • cornuta 'Mindanao, Philippines'
  • distillatoria 'Sri Lanka' - small and medium
  • dubia 'Gunung Talamau, West Sumatra'
  • ephippiata 'assorted clones'
  • gracillima
  • gymnamphora 'Gunung Singgalang'
  • hamata - Clone 1
  • hamata - Clone 2
  • macfarlanei 'Genting Highlands'
  • macrophylla 'assorted clones'
  • macrophylla - Clone T
  • macrophylla- Clone 5
  • mira 'Palawan, Philippines'
  • muluensis 'Gunung Mulu, Borneo'
  • murudensis 'Gunung Murud, Borneo'
  • ovata 'Pangulubao, Sumatra'
  • pulchra 'Mindanao, Philippines'
  • rafflesiana
  • sumatrana 'Sibolga, Sumatra' - medium
  • tentaculata 'Gunung Trusmadi, Borneo'
  • tenuis 'West Sumatra' - medium
  • veitchii 'Sungai Samba, Borneo' - medium
  • x trusmadiensis 'Gunung Trusmadi, Borneo' - assorted clones

  • Be ready...Like and Follow us on Facebook ( and sign up now to receive our occasional e-mails (link on the bottom of the page at so you know the latest...some of these are in VERY short one or two!!
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