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Nepenthes 'Bill Bailey'

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Fantastic plum red pitchers; fabulous choice for a hanging basket as they mature!
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This is a mass-market cultivar from Borneo Exotics, and an easy-to-grow beauty as well! This is a named hybrid of Nepenthes singalana x ventricosa, and is named for the much loved UK musician/comedian Bill Bailey in recognition of his many charitable works. It was also selected by the Royal Horticultural Society (UK) as one of the top 20 plant introductions, and exhibited on a special RHS stand at the Chelsea Flower Show. Deep plum-red pitchers contrast highly with the lush green foliage, and make this a wonderful hanging basket plant. Since it is a hybrid between multiple species, this plant exhibits wonderful hybrid vigor, and tolerates a wider range of temperatures and humidities than many other Nepenthes; SWEET! As with all our plants, these are shipped potted and ready to grow, not bareroot as you find with many other suppliers.

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