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Nepenthes Soil - Quart

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Nepenthes Soil - Quart
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This is the soil we use for potting all of our Nepenthes. The soil is more porous than our standard CP mix, helping aerate the roots of these plants, which simulates their natural environment. It is  PREMIUM GRADE Long Fiber Sphagnum from New Zealand, the best Sphagnum available; this just keeps you from having to buy more than you need! The quart bag contains enough soil to fill approximately three 3-inch pots or two 4-inch pots.
NOTE: We ONLY use premium Long Fiber Sphagnum from New Zealand in our mixes, as this is the only location that 'farms' this precious resource in a more environmentally responsible manner. Other countries mine the Sphaghum and the peat underneath, leaving a gaping scar on the landscape. In contrast, New Zealand takes only the top layer of Sphagnum, and then allows this location to regrow for years before Sphagnum is harvested from it again. We support this practice, and feel the additional cost to get the highest quality product to our customers is worth it!
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