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Nepenthes 'Suki' (rafflesiana x sibuyanensis) - Medium Potted - 10-PACK - SAVE 25%

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On sale $189.90 $142.50
TEN 4-INCH POTS of this new hybrid from Borneo Exotics with dark pitchers and glowing green lips!
Part Number: NESUKIMP-10
Availability: In Stock
For those who want a nice set of plants of the same type, this is for you...and they're only $13.29 EACH! This is yet another interesting new hybrid from Borneo Exotics; and the contrast between the deep red pitcher body and the bright yellow-green peristome is superb. Nepenthes rafflesiana has bulbous pitchers with wonderful red speckling on a green background, while Nepenthes sibuyanensis is known to produce some of the largest pitchers in the genus. What a combination! This item contains TEN Medium Nepenthes 'Suki' plants 3 to 6 or more inches in diameter, and shipped individually potted in 4-inch pots, not bareroot as with some other suppliers. Water and enjoy!

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