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Nepenthes 'Unknown Hybrid' - Medium Hanging Basket

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From: $19.99
Nepenthes of unknown stock...our loss is your gain! Medium plants in 6-inch hanging baskets.
Part Number: NEUHYBMB
Availability: In Stock
A couple years ago we had a shipment of small Nepenthes come that are definitely not what they were marked.  So we've decided that the easiest way to resolve our dilemma is to pass them on to our customers at a great discount as Unknown Hybrids! These could contain N. kongkandana parentage (the pitchers have that shape) and are growing best in intermediate to lowland conditions.  In higher light they develop the pink spots from too much intensity.  We've had to learn this from trial and error.  Currently these plants might show the pink spots on older leaves, but the new growth looks great now that they are in lower lighting.  These are medium plants approximately 6 inches in diameter, shipped potted in a 6-inch hanging basket, ready to grow, not bareroot as with some other vendors. Water and enjoy.

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