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Nepenthes 'White Beauty' - NEW RELEASE with tubby, red and green speckled pitchers!

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From: $16.99
Wonderful tubby pitchers with green and red speckling! Plants in 3-inch pots.
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For those who like Nepenthes with lots of squat, tubby pitchers, this one is an excellent choice! Nepenthes 'White Beauty' is a single selected clone of a hybrid that is also known as Nepenthes x hookeriana. It is a hybrid between Nepenthes ampullaria (well known for producing short, round, ground-hugging pitcher clumps), and Nepenthes rafflesiana (well known for producing very large, squat pitchers with huge 'wings' down the front). This clone is very nice, and produces pitchers which tend to be more yellow-green, with nice red speckles throughout! As of this offering, PetFlyTrap.com is the only supplier in the U.S. to have this clone available too! And there's no need to wonder if your plant will produce pitchers like in the photograph when it gets mature...it's the exact same plant, as these are produced from tissue culture! These are up to 3 or more inches in diameter, shipped potted in a 3-inch pot, ready to grow and enjoy, not bareroot as you might find with some other suppliers. PLEASE NOTE that this item is a lowland Nepenthes and requires consistent high temperatures and humidity for best growth. Shipping of this item may also be delayed for extended periods during cold weather.

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