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Nepenthes ampullaria 'Bronze Nabire' - BE-3304

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Produces bunches of tubby, ground-hugging, green and dark red pitchers with a reddish-brown peristome.
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Nepenthes ampullaria are lowland plants which produce short leaves and large round pitchers with a very small opening. They are so named because of the ampule-shaped mouth opening, which looks like you could stick a cork in it! As with the 'Brunei Red Speckled' clone, the pitchers of this clone are green with lots of red to dark red speckling. However, 'Bronze Nabire' (originating from Nabire, Papua) also has a reddish-brown tint to the upper pitcher and peristome, making for one nice-looking plant! These plants will produce multiple basal (ground-level) growth points when full-grown, each with bunches of pitchers...fantastic! A good choice for the terrarium too. All our plants are shipped potted and ready to grow to reduce stress, not bareroot as with some other vendors. For those who are keeping records, this is Borneo Exotics' item BE-3304.

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