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Nepenthes boschiana 'Gunung Sakumpang' x mira 'Cleopatra's Needle' BE-3675

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Beautiful tones of red and orange adorn this plant's pitchers and leaves when mature. An excellent choice for a hanging basket too!
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For those who are looking for a Nepenthes with glowing reddish-orange colors, this one's for you! Borneo Exotics has hybridized Nepenthes boschiana from Gunung (Mount) Sakumpang (known for beautiful red coloration and wonderful thin-waisted red-speckled pitchers) with a beautiful orange clone of Nepenthes mira from Cleopatra's Needle to produce some of the reddest-colored plants we've seen. Assorted clones too, so there will be male and female plants in the mix. We can't wait to raise some of these to a larger size! All our plants are shipped potted to reduce stress, not bareroot as you might find with many other supplies. Note: for those who want to keep track of Borneo Exotics' codes, this is BE-3675

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