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Nepenthes flava - VERY RARE SPECIES - BE-3652

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Attractive RARELY AVAILABLE species with wildly-shaped upper pitchers! ONLY A FEW AVAILABLE!!
Part Number: NEFLAVA3652
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Nepenthes flava is found in the wild in northern Sumatra, and is a wonderful and relatively new addition to the diversity of this genus! The lower pitchers generally resemble many other species, with dark red speckles on a greenish background. But the intermediate and upper pitchers are phenomenally shaped...narrow at the base and widely flaring at the top, like a champagne glass. VERY unique! Not commonly available, and we only have a few to sell...get it quick! All our plants are shipped potted and ready to grow to reduce stress, not bareroot as you find with many other suppliers. Note: for those who want to keep track of Borneo Exotics' item codes, this is BE-3652.

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