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Nepenthes lowii x ventricosa 'Red' - FLARING PITCHERS!!

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A striking hybrid with WIDE, FLARING MOUTHS on mature pitchers! ONLY A FEW AVAILABLE!
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These are nothing short of STUNNING when they have mature pitchers! Nepenthes lowii is likely the one Nepenthes that even non-enthusiasts have seen; who can forget that wide flaring pitcher opening, like a 'toilet bowl of the rainforest'. It is HIGHLY sought-after by carnivorous plant lovers, but is also a slow-growing plant, and requires more specific conditions than many other easy-to-grow hybrid plants. But when you hybridize it with an easy plant like Nepenthes ventricosa, you get the toilet-bowl pitcher appearance on a plant that can be grown in a wider range of temperatures and conditions. Our larger plants do wonderfully in our greenhouse, where the summertime highs can reach 90 degrees! These plants are all identical clones originating out of tissue culture, so they should all look and grow the same. As with all our plants, these are shipped potted and ready to grow, not bareroot as you might find with many other suppliers. Get one while we even have them!

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