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Nepenthes mirabilis var. echinostoma - Medium Potted

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From: $44.99
Unique variation of this species of Nepenthes, which produces large, flattened peristomes. Medium plant in a 4-inch pot, imported by Petflytrap.com from Borneo Exotics in Sri Lanka.
Part Number: NEMIREMP
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Nepenthes mirabilis is a medium-sized species of lowland Nepenthes, and a nice easy grower too! It normally produces medium length, wavy leaves with tall, thin pitchers which vary from green to red with green speckles, or even to almost solid red. However, these plants produce reddish pitchers with flaring peristomes (lips) which are flattened on top. Quite interesting! These medium plants are six or more inches in diameter. Shipped potted in a 4-inch pot, ready to grow, not bareroot as with some other vendors. Water and enjoy! BE-3372 lowland

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