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Nepenthes mirabilis var. globosa (aka Nepenthes 'Viking') BEST CLONE - BE-3928

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Unique variation of this species of Nepenthes, with large wings!
Part Number: NEMIRGLOBOSA3928
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Nepenthes mirabilis is a medium-sized species of lowland Nepenthes that is quite widespread in the wild, and a nice easy grower too! The typical variety normally produces medium length, wavy leaves with tall, thin pitchers which vary from green to red with green speckles, or even to almost solid red. However, Nepenthes mirabilis var. globosa in our opinion is far superior! The pitchers are more rounded, with very large wings on the front, and covered with darker veins. Neat! And these are also the BEST clone that Borneo Exotics has produced! All our plants are shipped potted and ready to grow to reduce stress, not bareroot as you find with many other suppliers. Note: for those who want to keep track of Borneo Exotics' item codes, this is BE-3928. PLEASE NOTE: Due to the lowland growing conditions of this item and the colder shipping temperatures during winter, our usual 'Live Delivery Guarantee' does not apply on this item until further notice. We recommend waiting to order this item until spring.

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