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Nepenthes rafflesiana 'SINGLE BEST CLONE' - BE-3722

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Imported from Borneo Exotics. Their BEST N. rafflesiana clone!!
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This is our favorite Nepenthes species! Nepenthes rafflesiana is a wonderful conversation piece. The pitchers are beautifully sculptured, very round, with large, flaring wings on the front. The pitchers of this clone are unique, with reddish pitchers liberally speckled with darker reddish spots. Adult plants can be over two feet across, with pitchers six inches tall and as big around as a large avocado! This particular clone is Borneo Exotics' BEST clone too! All our plants are shipped potted and ready to grow to reduce stress, not bareroot as you find with many other suppliers. For those who are keeping records, this is Borneo Exotics' item BE-3722.

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