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Nepenthes sibuyanensis 'assorted clones' - BE-3164

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Uncommon Nepenthes which has HUGE red pitchers when mature!
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Nepenthes sibuyanensis comes from the Philippines, and makes a wonderful conversation piece. In fact, it is often used as a parent plant for hybrids, due to its size and vigor. The pitchers of this species are extremely large and somewhat two-toned, with the entire pitcher anywhere from light pink to orange, or even deep reddish-purple; and a scalloped peristome (lip) that turns a beautiful deep red as they mature. These are from Borneo Exotics' 4 best clones of this species as well, and they should be better because of it. All our plants are shipped potted and ready to grow to reduce stress, not bareroot as you find with many other suppliers. For those who are keeping records, this is Borneo Exotics' item BE-3164.

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