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Nepenthes spathulata x jacquelineae 'Assorted Clones' - BE-3883

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Brand new SEED-GROWN hybrid from Borneo Exotics. Combines the WILD growing habits of N. jacquelineae and the easy growing habits of N. spathulata. Fantastic! Plants in 3-inch pots.
Part Number: NESPJASP
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This brand new cross promises to be one awesome hybrid. Nepenthes jacquelineae is well-known and VERY highly sought after by collectors for its odd champagne glass shaped pitchers. Couple this with the ease of growth, large size, and nice overall coloration of Nepenthes spathulata, and you can easily see the potential these plants have! These are assorted clones too, so there will be male and female plants in the mix. Plants up to 3 or more inches in diameter, shipped potted and ready to grow in 3-inch pots, not bareroot as you find with many other suppliers. Note: for those who want to keep track of Borneo Exotics' item codes, this is BE-3883.

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