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Nepenthes x hookeriana - INTERMEDIATE GROWER!! Medium Hanging Basket

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From: $28.99
Natural hybrid between N. rafflesiana and N. ampullaria that grows in cooler conditions!! Medium plants in 6-inch hanging baskets.
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Nepenthes x hookeriana combines the best features of both parent species into one; and now it can grow in cooler conditions! Nepenthes rafflesiana has wonderfully shaped and patterned pitchers, while N. ampullaria adds its more rounded shape and unique pitcher opening. The pitchers of this clone are light green liberally speckled with reddish spots. Adult plants can be over two feet across, with pitchers up to six inches tall and as big around as a large avocado! Also, while this hybrid normally grows in hot, stuffy lowland conditions, this clone grows very well in slightly cooler intermediate conditions as well! Medium plants 3 to 6 or more inches across, shipped potted in 6-inch hanging baskets, not bareroot as with some other suppliers. Water and enjoy!

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