Surprise! We have a fair amount of lowland Nepenthes and others available! :)

Many weeks ago, we received a shipment of THOUSANDS of Nepenthes - primarily lowland species/hybrids and mass-market cultivars - from Borneo Exotics. We have been going through the painstaking process of getting them used to growing in normal growing conditions, and are happy to announce that the first of them are now available and ON SALE! We will be adding them to the website in batches, so that we can give the smaller ones a bit of time to grow out before they are you have come to expect from us. Right now, here is a list of the new and returning ones that are currently available...get them before they're gone:

MASS MARKET (some of the hardiest and easiest to grow Nepenthes):

  • 'Bill Bailey' (neat hybrid between N. singalana and N. ventricosa)
  • 'Diana' (wonderful hybrid of ampullaria x (sibuyanensis x ventricosa)
  • 'Lady Luck' (hybrid of ampullaria x ventricosa, and highly requested by our customers!)


  • ampullaria 'Bronze Nabire' (neat clone with a dusky tan peristome) - BE-3304
  • ampullaria 'Harlequin' (a select red-pitchered clone of a cross between the 'Williams Red' clone and another 'Harlequin' clone) - BE-3681
  • bicalcarata 'Brunei, Orange' (FANGED pitcher plant with almost solid orange pitchers as it matures!) - BE-3029
  • bicalcarata 'Brunei, Red Flush' (FANGED pitcher plant with pitchers with a nice reddish flush to the lower portions!) - BE-3031
  • rafflesiana 'Best Clone' (nice tubby red-speckled pitchers) - BE-3722

  • bicalcarata x ampullaria (wonderful and rarely available hybrid that has the best of both parents!) - BE-3033


Tiffany Considine

Date 6/8/2021


Date 8/30/2021

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