Our largest EVER order from Borneo Exotics!! Shipping in late March!!
We have yet again placed our LARGEST EVER order with Borneo Exotics in Sri Lanka, and have about 1000 (yes, one THOUSAND) plants that will be shipped to us in late March. Some of these are plants that they used to offer years ago (Nepenthes ampullaria 'Lime Twist', N. bicalcarata, N. truncata, N. jacquelineae and N. jamban, for example), and are returning for the first time since. Some of these were in such short supply that we only were able to get a few of them. Here's a list to tease you; we will give notice of a Borneo Exotics Pre-Sale as soon as the plants ship to us, so make sure you like us on Facebook, and sign up for our e-mail blasts on the bottom of our web site!!


  • ampullaria - single select clone that GROWS IN INTERMEDIATE CONDITIONS
  • ampullaria 'Brunei, red speckled' - assorted clones
  • ampullaria 'Lime Twist' - single clone
  • ampullaria 'Williams Red' x 'Harlequin' - single best clone
  • bellii - single clone
  • bicalcarata 'Brunei, orange' - assorted clones
  • bicalcarata 'Brunei, red flush' - assorted clones
  • bongso - single select clone
  • ceciliae - SEED-GROWN and VERY RARE
  • copelandii 'Apo' - assorted clones
  • diatas 'Gunung Bandahara' - assorted clones
  • flava - assorted clones
  • jacquelineae 'Gunung Gadang' - assorted clones
  • jamban - assorted clones
  • lingulata - assorted clones
  • mira - assorted clones
  • ovata 'Pangulubao' - assorted clones
  • rafflesiana - assorted clones
  • rajah - assorted clones
  • robcantleyi - assorted clones
  • sibuyanensis - best 4 assorted clones
  • treubiana 'Andamata, Irian Jaya' - assorted clones
  • truncata 'Pasian' - selected BEST clone
  • veitchii 'Bareo squat' - assorted clones
  • vieillardii - single clone
  • vogelii - single selected clone


  • hamata - Single selected clone from CUTTINGS!!
  • mirabilis var. echinostoma - single clone
  • northiana - single select clone


  • ampullaria x (spectabilis x talangensis) - single select clone
  • ampullaria 'Brunei red' x aristolochioides - assorted clones
  • ampullaria x sibuyanensis 'Red' - assorted clones
  • ampullaria x SP#1 - Single BEST clone
  • aristolochioides x robcantleyi 'King of Spades' - assorted clones
  • boschiana 'Gunung Sakumpang' x mira 'Cleopatra's Needle' - assorted clones
  • burkei x hamata 'Sulawesi BE-3280' - SEED-GROWN
  • burkei x robcantleyi 'King of Clubs' - assorted clones
  • densiflora 'Leuser' x mirabilis var. globosa - assorted clones
  • densiflora 'Leuser' x rafflesiana 'Brunei squat' - assorted clones
  • glandulifera x robcantleyi 'King of Spades' - SEED-GROWN
  • hamata 'Sulawesi BE-3280' x robcantleyi 'King of Spades' - assorted clones
  • maxima x (lowii x macrophylla) - assorted clones
  • maxima 'Wavy Leaf' x mira 'Cleopatra's Needle' - single select clone
  • maxima x ramispina - single select clone
  • mirabilis var. globosa x hamata 'Tambusisi' - assorted clones
  • muluensis x lowii - single select clone
  • rafflesiana x ampullaria (aka x hookeriana) - single select clone that GROWS IN INTERMEDIATE CONDITIONS!!
  • robcantleyi x (sibuyanensis x ventricosa) - assorted clones
  • robcantleyi x spectabilis 'Giant' - assorted clones
  • robcantleyi x veitchii - assorted clones
  • sibuyanensis 'Orange' x merrilliana 'Legaspi' - assorted clones
  • singalana 'Belirang' x mirabilis var. globosa - assorted clones
  • spathulata x hamata 'Gunung Lumut BE-3380' - assorted clones
  • spectabiis 'Giant' x aristolochioides - Single BEST clone
  • spectabilis 'Giant' x mira - single best clone
  • spectabilis 'GIANT' x mirabilis var. globosa- single best clone
  • talangensis x glandulifera - 3 best assorted clones
  • veitchii 'Bareo squat' x platychila - assorted clones
  • ventricosa x hamata - assorted clones
  • ventricosa x rafflesiana - assorted clones
  • ventricosa x sibuyanensis - single best clone


john karbowski

Date 4/5/2021


Date 4/5/2021

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