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Pinguicula 'Debbertiana Hybrid' - white and purple flowers!

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Beautiful rounded leaves on a compact and very prolific plant. We love the flowers on these!
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This is a neat and easy to grow little butterwort, with colorful flowers to boot! Its bright green rosettes reach 2-3 inches in diameter, but this clone readily divides too; so you can have a nice cluster of them (with lots of flowers!) in no time. The leaves generally remain green, with little to no blush to them; while the flowers, which often pop up year round, have highly contrasting shades of purple and white. A wonderful choice for a windowsill terrarium too! We received our original stock from another source, and since these are not the pure species, Pinguicula debbertiana, are marketing them as 'Debbertiana Hybrid' to ensure they are not confused. All our plants are shipped potted and ready to grow for you to reduce stress. Just water and enjoy!

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