For those who are looking for a Nepenthes that is super easy to grow and gets huge, look no further! These guys can have a leaf span of over three feet, with pitchers over a foot tall. WOW! We are having a FLASH SALE on these wonderful plants in JUMBO size just this weekend, 09/13 through 09/15, so now's the time to pick up some instant gratification. No need to wait in them to grow out...these are already full-sized, and will just keep getting bigger. Our plants we obtain our cuttings from easily grow vines six to eight feet long in a growing season. A neat variety for sure!
Care for these is the same as for other Nepenthes...keep the soil moist at all times with pure water, and provide plenty of humidity for best trap production. We grow ours in greenhouse conditions, but they can be grown outdoors in dappled sunlight in most areas, provided they are kept above 55 degrees (they ARE tropical after all!). Of course, please use our Plant Care link on the main page to access basic care instructions; and contact us via e-mail or phone if you have any specific questions. Good Growing!


Hana Dam

Date 3/13/2020


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Date 10/22/2020

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Date 2/3/2021

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Date 6/6/2021

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Date 12/20/2021

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