Plant Spotlight - Venus Flytrap 'Leo Songs Jaws'

Posted by Mike at on 8/20/2019 to Carnivorous Plant Spotlight
What can we say about the Venus Flytrap cultivar called 'Leo Songs Jaws'? Nothing but good things! This is one of our favorite flytrap varieties (Stephanie's absolute favorite!) due to its ease of growth, and its nice size, color, and shape. It produces both upright and prostrate (lying down) leaves; and both narrow and wide leaves depending on the amount of light they get, and the time of year. While it doesn't have the largest traps of any flytrap (Several other cultivars battle for that honor!), the traps are still impressive, and can get over an inch long, with deep red coloring on the inner surfaces of the traps. But what stands out to us are the cilia (what people call the 'teeth') along the edges of the traps. Many flytraps have longer, thinner eyelashes. And others still have stocky, more jagged cilia (they really DO look like teeth!). Of course, the cilia are completely soft, just like your eyelashes. But 'Leo Songs Jaws' has longer, thicker cilia that kind of resemble cactus spines. A neat variety for sure!

Care for these is the same as for other flytraps...keep the soil moist at all times with pure water, and provide plenty of humidity for best trap production. ours have colored up best when grown under fluorescent 'daylight' bulbs, but they can be grown outdoors in most areas. Of course, please use our Plant Care link on the main page to access basic care instructions; and contact us via e-mail or phone if you have any specific questions. Good Growing!
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 Plant Spotlight - Venus Flytrap 'Leo Songs Jaws'
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