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Sarracenia leucophylla 'All Red' - RARELY AVAILABLE CULTIVAR!!

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The beautiful White-Top Pitcher Plant with beautiful deep red pitchers and white spots! VERY RARELY AVAILABLE!!
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The White-Top Pitcher Plant is well-known even to those who are not carnivorous plant enthusiasts, as it is often used in the cut-flower trade. But we like this cultivar of these plants are even better, because the hood and upper portion of the pitchers are a deep crimson red with white speckles. There is some controversy surrounding this cultivar, as some Sarracenia collectors believe these are the same plant as our Sarracenia 'Dana's Delight' cultivar. However, we have been carefully growing this plant for many, many years, since before the 'Dana's Delight' cultivar was even available. We have painstakingly ensured that each and every one of these is a division from the original 'All Red' plant, and are proud to be able to offer the discerning Sarraceniaphile this historical gem. Adult plants produce deep crimson flowers in spring, and can have pitchers up to three feet tall too! Unless otherwise specified, all our plants are shipped potted to reduce stress. Water and enjoy!

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