We have just completed our most recent inventory of Venus Flytraps in the PetFlytrap greenhouse, and they are looking great! Must be time for a sale! Our Spring 2020 VENUS FLYTRAP SALE begins March 10 and will continue through Sunday, March 15. ALL of our 37 new and returning Venus Flytrap cultivars and varieties and hundreds of plants are available at 20% OFF. Some are in very limited supply, so make plans to shop early to take advantage of the best sale of the season! 

PLEASE NOTE that this sale is only valid for orders placed March 10 through 15, and is only valid on any items from our Venus Flytrap category. All plants are shipped POTTED (not bareroot), as you have come to expect from PetFlyTrap.com!

Here's the list of what's available in case you want to know:

  • Alien
  • B-52
  • Big Jaws
  • Bristletooth
  • Coquillage
  • Dark Knight
  • DCXL
  • Dente
  • Dingley's Giant
  • Dutch
  • Fang
  • Fine Tooth x Red
  • Fused Tooth
  • Fuzzy
  • G-14 Rosetted
  • Ginormous
  • Green Dragon\
  • Grun
  • Holland Red
  • King Henry
  • Leo Songs Jaws
  • Lips and Lashes
  • Long Red Fingers
  • Martahs Lips
  • Megatraps
  • Paradisia
  • PFT Grecian Formula
  • Pink Venus
  • Red Microdent
  • Royal Red
  • Trichterfalle
  • Typical
  • UK Sawtooth
  • Vigorous
  • Werewolf
  • WIP Slim Snapper
  • Yellow

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