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Venus Flytrap 'Akai Ryu' (Red Dragon) - Nice red traps!!

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Small plant in a 3-inch pot.
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The plant that started it all, only better! This is the Red Dragon (or 'Akai Ryu') form of Venus Flytrap, and its overall deep red coloration makes it a sought-after plant. Watching the traps chomp down on a nice juicy insect meal is intriguing to people of all ages. Plants have hairlike trap edges, and get their best color when grown in bright light. Shipped potted and ready to grow, so all you do is water. NOTE: Nursery stock of the Red Dragon flytraps continuously fluctuates. We currently have a good supply of these little jewels in stock, and as a result, we are offering them at a temporary discounted level. We will continue to offer these plants as long as our supplies hold out, so get them while you can! 

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