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Venus Flytrap 'B-52' - RARE COLLECTOR'S PLANT - Medium/Large Potted

Part Number VFTB52LP
Venus Flytrap 'B-52' - RARE COLLECTOR'S PLANT - Medium/Large Potted
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For those who want a flytrap that gets HUGE TRAPS, there is no better choice. As with all Venus flytraps, these have clamshell-shaped snap traps with eyelash looking edges on the end of each leaf. But this clone is distinguished from many of the others by the size of its traps. Mature plants can have traps well over TWO INCHES LONG! These are medium to large, near-flowering sized plants in a 3-inch pot, and are ready to grow like weeds. Just water and enjoy! NOTE: due to limited quantities, this item is not available as part of our Sampler sets/packs or Terrarium Kits.
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