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Venus Flytrap 'DC XL' - some of the largest traps!!

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From: $25.99
Traps on this cultivar get HUGE...up to 2" long! Uncommonly available at ANY size, so get them while we have them!
Part Number: VFTDCXL
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For those who want a flytrap that gets HUGE TRAPS, this is an excellent choice. As with all Venus flytraps, these have clamshell-shaped snap traps with eyelash looking edges on the end of each leaf. But this clone is distinguished from most of the others by the size of its traps, especially the ones in spring. Mature plants can have traps up to TWO INCHES LONG sitting on top of long, tall leaves in the springtime! All our plants are shipped potted and ready to grow, so all you do is water and enjoy.

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