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Venus Flytrap HUGE TRAPS Set - 3 Flytraps!

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From: $49.99
Three varieties of flytraps that make huge traps, all in one set! Small plants in 3-inch pots.
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If you like Venus Flytrap that make huge traps, this is the set for you! This set gives you one small potted plant of each of three different Venus Flytrap varieties that are known to produce the largest traps when mature. Unique cultivars such as 'B-52', 'Megatraps', 'DCXL', 'Ginormous', and others are all possibilities in this unique collection! Up to a $65.00 value! Please note that the plants in the photograph do not represent the actual plants included in this set, and that plant selection is our choice, and is based on availability.

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