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Venus Flytrap 'PFT Grecian Formula'

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A new slant on the typical Venus Flytrap! A PetFlyTrap exclusive!!
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A new twist on the plant that started it all for us! This is the typical (or natural) form of the Venus Flytrap, and a favorite among carnivorous plant enthusiasts. These plants, however, are produced in our tissue culture lab, and originate from a crossing of two very vigorous Venus Flytraps that were imported from Greece. While there's nothing unique about the appearance of the plant, they grow like weeds and make very large traps for us, hence the name 'Grecian Formula'! These plants are typically green with hairlike trap edges. The inside of the traps will turn red when grown in bright light. A PetFlyTrap.com exclusive, so get yours now!! All our plants are shipped potted, so all you do is water and enjoy.

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