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Venus Flytrap 'Werewolf' - WICKED CLAWS!

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Jagged trap edges, like pointed WEREWOLF CLAWS!!
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Venus Flytrap 'Werewolf' is a sight to see! They are similar to the common flytrap, but have jawlike 'teeth' along the trap edge. What's more, the jagged teeth twist all over the place, and resemble the claws of a werewolf. Talk about a mean-looking plant! The inside of the trap will redden in bright light, and really gives these plants the look of a gaping, fanged mouth waiting for that little insect morsel of food. Please note that this cultivar does not have trigger hairs inside the traps, and will not typically close its traps. In our opinion, the coolness factor of the teeth certainly makes up for it! All our plants are shipped potted, so all you do is water and enjoy.

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