It's no surprise that mobile-friendly devices are being used in ever-increasing numbers to make web-based purchases. However, we are all being warned almost daily to be very cautious about what we access on the web, in e-mails and texts, and what information we share with other people and businesses...especially if we are not familiar with them. Hackers are getting more and more creative in their efforts to get to your private information, no matter where it is located. Because of this, we feel it is important to let our customers know about a couple of protective measures we use here at

Most people are familiar with the more secure level of websites, which is identified by the 'HTTPS' precursor to the web address. This identifies websites that use Secure Socket Layer or similar technology to secure information. However, to make sure that your information is as secure as possible, we have just recently upgraded our SSL certification to include Extended Validation, or EV. You can easily identify websites that employ this additional level of security by the green text in front of the web address in your browser. Ours clearly says 'Houston Herpetological Supply, LLC [US]', our parent company, to let you know that we take the  security of your personal (especially credit card) information very seriously, and that you can have complete confidence in your information remaining secure no matter where you are on the website. EV certification is so advanced that our certificate supplier, GeoTrust, even offers a $1.5 million warranty against any data being compromised on a website that goes through the additional EV certification process! 

It is also our long-standing policy to not share ANY customer information, regardless of what it is, with any other person or entity...ever. Period. If you store address or credit card information in your account on our website, you can do so with the confidence that it stays there, and can only be accessed by you with your password. Even WE can't access your information; and our EV SSL certification will ensure that no one else has access to your data either!

Just one of the many ways we show you that values your business, your privacy, and your security.

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