We have had a few customers ask us recently about the fact that there seems to be less and less in the way of items in the Nepenthes Hanging Basket category on our website. And they are correct...the diversity in this category is dropping, but with good reason! All the hanging basket Nepenthes are still available...just in a different category.

As many of you know, we redesigned our website at the beginning of December to make it more mobile-friendly, among other things. Our customers have expressed their appreciation for the redesign, and it definitely speeds up your page-loading time! But we have also decided to take this a step further to make it easier for you to find items on our website.

In the past, each different size of any given item was maintained as a separate item code. We felt this was best at the time, so that our customers could make sure to select the size that they wanted. However, it also made it a bit more difficult to find what sizes of any given plant were in stock. To alleviate this, we are in the process of upgrading all our items, so that ALL AVAILABLE SIZES of an item will be shown together under one item code! All items with the exception of the Nepenthes have already been switched to the new system. For all our plants, the good news is that this will make it much easier to see what sizes you can select from, and the cost for each size. However, the bad news is that the old Nepenthes Hanging Basket category on our web site will be going away. And as we modify the existing items to include all sizes of that item, they are being removed from the Nepenthes Hanging Basket category. All of them are still available in the same sizes and quantities...now they will be listed with the other sizes of the same item, and you will need to select the size you wish to purchase.

While we are in the process of migrating and modifying all of the hundreds of items in our available Nepenthes inventory, you will find some of the Nepenthes hanging baskets in the old category, and some of them are already combined with the other sizes in the Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes) category. We will endeavor to complete this process as quickly as possible, and will get all the items that are currently in stock done first. Even this will involve hundreds of items; and with the literally THOUSANDS of items we have in our total inventory, this will probably take some time. We hope you will bear with us in the meantime, and look forward to your continued support of PetFlyTrap.com. Good Growing!

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