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TXCP Group annual meet

Petflytrap hosted the annual Texas Carnivorous Plants Group meetup on October 26, 2019. Activities included a plant swap/trade, lunch from Corkscrew Barbecue in Old Town Spring, and a visit to see the PetFlytrap greenhouse and outdoor growing areas.

Audrey greets the visitors


Plants for trading and swapping

Socializing and lunch

A few visitor photos from the PetFlyTrap nursery visit


Lectures at Jesse H. Jones Park & Nature Center, Humble, TX

Terrarium Construction

We have added a few photos of some of our favorite terraria, as well as a few photos of some simple ways to create a single-plant one too. Petflytrap also welcomes your photographs of your favorite or most unique terrariums with your plants from! Send your photos to us at [email protected] … the best will be featured here!

ready for

Here's a terrarium we just recently set up. This is a custom glass bowl that was formed to the piece of driftwood. VERY unique! We decided to plant a few butterworts into it, and it looks very nice!




This one is a glass candy bowl with lid, from a neighborhood craft store. Standard Soil was used, and we planted a few flytraps into it. Then the final touch was to place a layer of Coarse Grade Sand with a few colored pebbles for contrast.


Office Staff at work.

Plants all set to be packed up

Orders ready for USPS pickup